Mummies with golden tongues found in Egyptian necropolis

(ORDO NEWS) — Egyptian archaeologists report new finds, including gold and stone amulets, burials from several periods in the history of Ancient Egypt, as well as mummies with an unusual gift that helped them communicate with the judge of the souls of the dead.

Archaeologists from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities have discovered several mummies with golden tongues.

The discovery was made during the expansion of the research area in the Kuvaysna necropolis. This place contains hundreds of tombs from different periods of Egyptian history.

Several mummies found by archaeologists had a “tongue” made of pure gold in their mouths.

This amulet was supposed to give the deceased the gift of speech in the afterlife: after all, he had to defend himself before the court of the king of the world of the dead, the god Osiris.

Researchers found similar burial practices throughout Egypt. For example, in February 2021, a similar discovery was made in the temple of Taposiris Magna in the province of Alexandria.

Mummies with golden tongues found in the Egyptian necropolis
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Some mummies were covered with thin sheets of gold and placed in wooden coffins.

The team of archaeologists also unearthed clay pots, gold artifacts in the shape of scarabs and flowers, and a number of funerary stone amulets and vessels.

The first studies of burials, mummies and funerary collection show that this necropolis was used during three periods: the late ancient Egyptian, Ptolemaic and partly Roman period.

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