More than 7000 years old wooden sickles found in Italy

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientific Reports reported on the findings of three wooden sickles discovered during underwater excavations at the Early Neolithic site of La Marmotta in Italy.

The results of the analysis showed that sickles were made more than seven thousand years ago from oak and another tree belonging to the rose family.

Ancient people used resin from pine trees as the glue that held the stone liners.

Under the waters of Lake Bracciano, located near Rome, one of the ancient monuments associated with early European farmers was discovered.

Many items were found there, including five dugout boats. However, until now, many artifacts have not been fully studied, including the found sickles.

Researchers from the University of Pisa, together with colleagues from five other countries, studied them, and the first thing they noted was that the Neolithic sickles were noticeably shorter than those that were already used in historical times.

At the same time, microscopic analysis showed that there were signs of wear on all three sickles, and, apparently, Neolithic farmers cut plants with them to the very root, which is why specific traces remained on the stone inserts.

A paleobotanical study showed that microparticles of wheat and barley are present on two sickles. This confirms that cutting implements were used for harvesting.

On the third sickle, pollen from plants of the genus Omezhnik was found – some species of plants from this genus have pharmacological properties and are still used as medicines.


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