More satellite of Mars: a giant comet is approaching the Sun

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(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have recorded a comet of incredible size. Its diameter is almost 149 kilometers. This is even larger than the size of one of the moons of the Red Planet.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

The comet was named C / 2014 UN271. It is even larger than the satellite of Mars Phobos and the asteroid Pandora. Experts believe that this unique comet appeared in the Orta cloud. This region is considered one of the most remote in the solar system. In September, experts also recorded an incredibly bright flash from the comet, which no longer occurred. This may indicate that the subject has a weak tail.

To date, 2014 UN271 is located at a distance of 19 astronomical units from the Sun. Additionally, it was found that over the past year, the object has overcome approximately 7 astronomical units. Scientists note that the closer the comet is to the Sun, the more its tail will evaporate from the ice, making it brighter.

For the first time, astronomers recorded the activity of a huge comet in July, when certain signs of a coma were discovered – this is a cloud of gas and dust that is located around the comet’s nucleus. Experts have found that in ten years the comet will be located from the Sun at exactly the same distance as Saturn.


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