Faroe Islands kill 53 more dolphins

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Faroe Islands, an active hunt for dolphins continues, which has already become a tradition and is called grindadrap. This year, it is treated with special censure, because literally over 1400 animals were killed in Skalafjordur Bay in just a day. This type of hunt has become the largest for all the time of catching cetaceans. But that didn’t end there. Soon, 53 more dolphins were killed in the port of Kollafjordur.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Hunters killed black dolphins, which are considered the largest species. If you look closely at the photos taken from the place where the animals were caught and take into account the size of some individuals, then we can conclude that there are also cubs among them.

Usually in the Faroe Islands, no more than a thousand animals are killed during the grindadrap, but this year the tradition has reached incredible proportions. Thus, the locals stock up on meat for the whole winter, but those who do not support this action argue that there is no point in killing dolphins in large numbers. People in the Faroe Islands have not experienced any shortage of meat for quite some time.

Even those who are fans of the barbarian tradition believe that this year the scale of the hunt is too large. There were even records on the Internet that they were ashamed to be considered citizens of the Faroe Islands after the death of so many dolphins. The tradition has also been criticized by Rob Read, who serves as head of the marine conservation organization Sea Shepherd.


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