More dangerous than coronavirus: killer asteroid flies to Earth

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A danger awaits the planet, which turns out to be more serious than the coronavirus. Anatoly Zaitsev, director of the Planetary Defense Center, spoke about the large asteroid 1998 OR2 approaching Earth. According to him, he will fly past Earth on April 29.

If an asteroid of this size falls to Earth, then all these problems that we now have with coronavirus will fade. This is the only natural threat that can sweep away humanity in the blink of an eye.

According to him, the size of the asteroid reaches 2-4 kilometers, which allows it to belong to the class of killer asteroids, since objects more than one kilometer can lead to a global catastrophe.

If such an asteroid falls into the ocean, a colossal tsunami wave will occur. On land – the effect of a nuclear winter: emissions of dust and gases will fall into the atmosphere so that the sun’s rays cannot reach the Earth’s surface, and global cooling will begin.

This asteroid is potentially dangerous, but not at the moment, the specialist emphasized. Over time, its trajectory will change and after dozens or hundreds of years there is a chance that it will fall on our planet, then the problems with the coronavirus will fade before this natural threat, reports the NSN.


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