Modern Robin Hood Italian banker who secretly transferred money from wealthy clients to the poor

(ORDO NEWS) — Everyone knows the story of Robin Hood: the famous robber who took money from the rich and gave it to the poor. It turns out that this man has a modern prototype – Gilberto Basquiere.

Gilberto Baschiera worked as a bank manager in a small Italian town called Forni di Sopra. In 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis in Europe, Italy introduced strict new lending rules.

The bank manager, who usually wielded enormous power, now had to refuse credit to anyone whose assets did not meet a set threshold.

Basquiera turned out to be a sympathetic person : when poor people began to come to his bank and ask for a loan, the man simply transferred money to their account from the accounts of the richer ones.

He figured the loan would help clients get back on their feet, and they’d get their money back later…

What happened?

Unfortunately, nothing worked. It was lending to those who did not meet the requirements that was one of the many causes of the financial crisis in Europe.

After all, even Robin Hood hardly expected that someday the poor would return the money that he gave them.

Bashir believed in his scheme to the last, and by 2016, in total, he had transferred more than 1 million euros from the accounts of the rich to the accounts of the poor.

Such major frauds are difficult to hide: Bashir was identified and sentenced to two years in prison.

Fortunately for Bashir, he was given a suspended sentence. The prosecutors reduced the punishment for one simple reason: despite the opportunities that opened up, the banker did not transfer a single euro to his account.


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