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Missouri to return spanking to students

Missouri to return spanking to students

(ORDO NEWS) — A school district in Missouri (USA) has announced that it will allow the use of paddles as corporal punishment in schools if they have parental consent.

The district, which has about 1,900 students, stopped using corporal punishment in 2001. However, this decision has now been reversed.

According to Cassville School District Superintendent Merlin Johnson, the district has been receiving letters from frustrated parents because of teachers’ inability to discipline their students.

Each parent will now be sent a consent form to agree or disagree with their child being beaten by the principal.

According to experts, spanking is an ineffective punishment and causes a significant traumatic reaction.

Children’s brains react to spanking in the same way as they do to abuse, triggering their reaction to threats and directly influencing their decision making.

Surprisingly, corporal punishment is actually legal in many states. Federal law allows each state to decide whether it can be used, and it is currently allowed in 19 states.

The Cassville School District, as a self-identified “traditional community”, believes their decision is the right one and in line with their values ​​- it’s up to parents now to decide if they agree.


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