Marine archaeologists have found the battleship USS Nevada, who survived two world wars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Search Inc. and Ocean Infinity discovered the USS Nevada battleship in its last refuge off the coast of Hawaii. The ship is located 65 nautical miles southwest of Honolulu.

The battleship was commissioned in 1916; it served the US Navy for many decades. During the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the USS Nevada was damaged by torpedoes and aerial bombs. A fire started on the ship, and he had to jump ashore.

After the repair, the battleship was an active participant in the hostilities, and then took part in nuclear tests, receiving significant damage. Flooded the ship in 1948.

Although the U.S. Navy knew the approximate location of the ship, the exact location of its flooding was still not known. “Nevada is a cult ship that speaks of American stamina and stubbornness,” said famous marine archaeologist James Delgado.

Earlier, we recall that the researchers found the ship “Armenia” at the bottom of the Black Sea, as a result of which, during the Great Patriotic War, thousands of people on board died.


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