Man told how the aliens tried to kidnap him

(ORDO NEWS) — A Reddit user with the nickname “andyblaze6” spoke about how, after an attempted abduction by aliens and persecution of UFOs, he developed a whole complex of diseases and he barely survived this period.

“All of 2019, when I was 24, I worked as a security guard at a coal mine in rural West Virginia. The mine was located about 35 miles up the mountain at a mountaintop excavation site where blasting had been going on a few years ago.

My night shift started from 7pm to 7am. The job involved driving a security van around the mine and surrounding areas looking for intruders who might be trying to break into mining property to steal copper, mining equipment or tools.

The road to the top of the mine took me about 25 minutes. The radius was about 150-200 square miles of land owned by the company. Some of these were clearing sites, but most were woodlands with old abandoned logging roads. It was quite legal “backwoods in the woods.” I had almost no cell service there.

The area I was guarding was within a 30 mile radius of a logging road. The road led to a large mountain range. I worked safely and freely at this place for about 6 months before strange occurrences began.

The first case with that occurred approximately in the middle of autumn, in the evening, immediately after sunset. I was sitting in my van on a lot overlooking the big ridge. I saw a vague, dim light emerge from the rock and float slowly into the sky. It looked like a ball of light.

A few hours later, several of these luminous balls slowly appeared from behind the trees and began to soar in the sky. They gathered and “danced” with strange movements. This has been going on for months and I have often filmed these incidents.

Then there was an incident when I saw a bright orange ball of gas or fire in the evening that came out of the top of the mountain and “danced” in the sky before disappearing. I also filmed this case.

Around this time, I felt a very dark and ominous sensation from the presence of these glowing lights. Sometimes these balls followed me. I asked the authorities to transfer me to another site, but I was refused.

The most frightening encounter happened one night when I was driving down the mountain at the end of my shift. The road from the site was a very long narrow winding road that passed through a couple of hills.

At the exit of the mountain, I saw a bright white glowing ball about 100 yards away on top of the mountain, hovering in the sky. It was like pure light or gas in a spherical shape. The light of the sphere was so bright and intense that even in pitch darkness it blinded me. It was like looking straight into the sun.

I felt like I had lost all the air in my lungs and couldn’t catch my breath. Then I felt my muscles paralyze and my vision fade. I stopped the car and got my breath back for a minute before the balloon rose into the night sky and disappeared.

At the same time, I sensed some type of telepathic message being transmitted from this spherical entity to me, which is very difficult to describe because I cannot put it into words, but I felt as if they wanted to kidnap me.

After this meeting, I began to develop symptoms of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. I visited several medical specialists who could not find anything in my blood test or scan.

Later that month, I developed fluid in my lungs and around my heart and became very ill. But before that I had no health problems!

I also started to lose my sight and see spots regularly. I had night terrors, anxiety and insomnia.

Personally, I believe that I was attacked or harmed by some extraterrestrial or demonic weapon. I still have symptoms that haven’t gone away.

By the way: during my work, I was told that the US Navy had purchased a remote piece of land in an unknown location near the mine where I worked, for “exercises”.


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