Man shocked when he accidentally discovered a giant spider

(ORDO NEWS) — A photo of a huge spider appeared on social networks, sitting quietly on a panel used to control traffic lights.

Joel Hogan photographed a pregnant spider while working. The footage shows how the spider tries to cling to the control panel wiring.

At the same time, the bag with eggs is directly under it and thus the spider tries to protect her children. When the photo was posted on social networks, numerous comments immediately began to appear under it.

Some of the users suggested that this is a goliath tarantula, but another user noted that the individual looks more like a hunting spider.

Goliath tarantulas live in South America, and not in Australia, where this very curious specimen was photographed.

Another user noted that it may actually be the Golden Giant, which is considered the largest spider species in all of Australia.

Lizzie Lowe, who has been studying spiders for a long time, found that the individual belongs to the species of hunters.

They infiltrate houses and cars, but they also live inside trees or under rocks. With a bite, the victim develops a swelling, increased sweating, which is accompanied by severe nausea and even vomiting.


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