Man returns books taken 100 years ago to the library

(ORDO NEWS) — Bob Alvarez from Somerville (USA) found books that were taken from the library by his deceased aunt at the beginning of the last century. He immediately took the books back and just in time. Some time ago, all fines were canceled for the fact that books were returned later than the due date, so the man did not have to pay a penalty.

Reported by The Boston Globe.

Helen Godimis died back in 1937 due to complications after the flu. She did not have time to take the books taken earlier back to the library, and therefore they were kept in the attic for almost 100 years. In 2010, Helen’s house was sold and the books went to her nephew Bob Alvarez.

And only in the summer of 2021, the man decided to take a closer look at the things provided to him. He found that the books that were in the chest were actually taken from the library. Bob called the library and asked if he could return the books. At first they did not believe him, because no one had delayed books for so long before.

There were 39 books in total. 10 of them belonged to the library. Most likely, Helen took them while she was in school. There used to be a decent penalty for late payment. 5 cents dripped for each day. When the amount reached $ 10, the person could not borrow books from the library at all. If you count Bob’s late payment, he should have paid $ 1,500. But since it was announced on July 1 that the fines were canceled, the man will not have to pay any fines.


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