Archaeologists found a cave where hyenas dragged their prey for centuries

(ORDO NEWS) — In Saudi Arabia, the Umm Jirsan cave was discovered, filled with a huge number of bones not only of animals, but also of people. At the moment, experts are researching it.

They say that the cave acts as a hiding place for hyenas. For more than one century, they dragged their prey there. It is reported by Gizmodo.

The striped hyenas have used the cave for their own purposes for centuries. Human bones discovered by experts could well have appeared here from graves located nearby, because hyenas often unearth fresh burials.

Also, experts managed to find the remains of donkeys, goats, horses, camels and many other animals. The oldest bones found in the cave are about seven thousand years old.

Striped hyenas are more active at night. They eat almost everything, even plants and insects. In most cases, their food is the remnants of the meals of other predators. Sometimes they even eat meat that has already begun to decompose.

Thanks to their very strong jaws, hyenas can gnaw through almost any bone, and their body easily digests those parts of prey that no one else claims to be.

The Umm Jirsan cave was discovered for the first time in 2007, but then the researchers did not go inside due to the growl of numerous predators from its passages.

After some time, the experts returned to the cave and made a huge number of discoveries.


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