Man defended the right to be boring at work through the court

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Paris, France, defended the right to be bored at work in court after he refused to drink with colleagues at the request of the employer and spent little time informally communicating with them.

Cubik Partners says it takes a “fun” approach to team building. The management of the organization encourages employees to go to the pub together after work.

However, one of the employees, whose name is not reported, did not want to take part in such a team building and regularly participate in drinking bouts with colleagues.

The company decided to fire him in 2015 for being inappropriate for his position. The man was accused of being boring.

The management of Cubik Partners stated that the employee is not good at listening and difficult to work with.

The Frenchman sued his former employer and won. The Paris Court of Cassation ruled that the man had the right to refuse parties.

The judge ordered the company to pay the former employee 2.9 thousand euros.

According to the court’s decision, a man has a fundamental right to dignity and respect for private life. The employee exercised his freedom of expression by not taking part in corporate events.

The company had no right to force an employee to participate in seminars and frequent Friday drinking bouts that ended in excessive drinking.

The court ruled that the company engaged in humiliating and intrusive practices that violate privacy.

These practices included feigning sexual intercourse, having to share a bed with colleagues during seminars, using nicknames, and posting distorted photographs in offices.

The former employee of the organization demanded another 459.4 thousand euros (29.1 million rubles) as compensation for damages. The court will consider this requirement at the next meeting.


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