Man claims a ghost pushed a cart into his car

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(ORDO NEWS) — Strange footage has been posted online showing the wayward cart apparently heading straight for the man’s parked car.

This incident occurred when 21-year-old Kobe Todd was in a supermarket outside of Dallas, Texas, USA, when he saw a shopping cart, which until that moment had been stationary in the parking lot, suddenly turn on its own and crashed directly into his car.

What made the collision especially odd was that the cart suddenly started moving and drove right into his car, bypassing another car that was parked next to him.

Man claims a ghost pushed a cart into his car 2

CCTV footage captured the moment the incident took place.

“When I got into my car and closed the door, I realized that [the cart] had crashed into it,” Todd said.

“I thought someone pushed it into me, but when I got out there was no one there, so I went inside to film a video.”

However, Todd believes that this is not just a gust of wind, but the ghost of a small child, whom he allegedly encountered while investigating the paranormal.

“Perhaps he was trying to play with me,” he said.


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