Man caught a fish that resembles an avatar from a James Cameron movie

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The fisherman posted a photo of his next catch on the Web, but users can not believe that the picture is real. The man caught a fish that looks very strange and resembles the inhabitant of Pandora from the movie “Avatar”.

Miyagi Azusa is a popular video blogger from Japan who leads his fishing channel and travels around the country, showing how to fish. On June 19, the guy went on another fishing trip, during which he managed to attract the attention of a huge number of subscribers.

Miyagi caught an incredibly beautiful fish, a photo of which he immediately posted on Twitter. The picture attracted the attention of even those users who had never before been interested in fishing. The post scored a huge number of likes and quickly spread over the Internet. Some users felt that Azusa was deceiving them and independently painted the fish in such bright colors. In the comments they expressed their opinion on what they saw. They thought it was either a video blogger joke or a way to attract more attention to their channel.

But it turned out that the catch of Miyagi is real, although it resembles a resident of another planet. To prove this to his subscribers, the man additionally posted a link to the video, which shows how he gets a colorful fish out of the water.

The instance that the video blogger managed to catch is Thalassoma purpureum. This is an edible marine fish that lives on reefs in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Scientists have studied this species well enough and therefore can confirm that Miyagi did not draw a new image on top of the scales, but took out a completely real marine inhabitant from the water.


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