Ufologist claims to have found ruins of an ancient building on Mars

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — A similar conclusion was made by the famous virtual archaeologist Scott Waring, who has recently been studying photographs of the surface of the Red Planet.

On the surface of Mars, Waring found a strange structure that has the appearance of a man-made structure. All walls are carefully connected to each other and form rooms of different sizes. At the same time, the walls are very smooth. The ufologist is convinced that the ruins of the building that he discovered may belong to a reasonable form of small size.

The researcher recalled that about ten years ago he also managed to find a small female figure on the surface of Mars. According to rough estimates, its size did not exceed 15 centimeters. He suggested that it was these creatures that could have erected such small-sized buildings in which they once lived.

In addition, Waring drew the attention of users to the fact that the walls have the same thickness. This could not have occurred as a result of the effects of natural phenomena. The ufologist believes that this is the best evidence that intelligent life once existed on Mars. The creatures that lived on the Red Planet were of small stature, which was also able to detect the above evidence.

Of course, it is not clear how true this is, but all of Waring’s explanations and arguments seem quite plausible. If this is true, then soon it will turn out to find more evidence of the existence of life on Mars. Perhaps it is today, only represented by other species or creatures.


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