Linux Foundation Broadcasts Intent to Compose ‘High Performance Tool Foundation’

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This week the Linux Foundation “announced the blueprint to invent the High Performance Tool Foundation.

“Thru a collection of technical projects, the High Performance Tool Foundation targets to present, promote, and reach a conveyable tool stack for excessive efficiency computing by growing adoption, reducing barriers to contribution, and supporting model efforts.”

As use of excessive efficiency computing becomes ubiquitous in scientific computing and digital engineering, and AI use cases multiply, increasingly more facts products and companies deploy GPUs and loads of compute accelerators. The High Performance Tool Foundation intends to leverage investments made by the US Department of Vitality’s Exascale Computing Undertaking, the EuroHPC Joint Endeavor, and loads of worldwide projects in accelerated excessive efficiency computing to use the efficiency of this diversifying space of architectures. As an umbrella venture below the Linux Foundation, HPSF intends to supply a impartial put for pivotal projects in the excessive efficiency tool ecosystem, enabling substitute, academia, and authorities entities to collaborate together on the scientific tool stack.

The High Performance Tool Foundation already advantages from solid give a boost to across the excessive efficiency computing landscape, including leading companies and organizations love Amazon Internet Companies, Argonne Nationwide Laboratory, CEA, CIQ, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Kitware, Lawrence Berkeley Nationwide Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore Nationwide Laboratory, Los Alamos Nationwide Laboratory, NVIDIA, Oak Ridge Nationwide Laboratory, Sandia Nationwide Laboratory, and the University of Oregon.

Its first initiating supply technical projects consist of:

Spack: the excessive efficiency computing equipment managerKokkos: a efficiency-portable programming mannequin for writing neatly-liked C++ applications in a hardware-agnostic system.AMReX: a efficiency-portable tool framework designed to flee solving partial differential equations on block-structured, adaptively sophisticated meshes.WarpX: a efficiency-portable Particle-in-Cell code with evolved algorithms that won the 2022 Gordon Bell PrizeTrilinos: a collection of reusable scientific tool libraries, known particularly for linear, non-linear, and transient solvers, as successfully as optimization and uncertainty quantification.Apptainer: a container system and image layout namely designed for salvage excessive-efficiency computing.VTK-m: a toolkit of scientific visualization algorithms for accelerator architectures.HPCToolkit: efficiency dimension and analysis tools for computers ranging from laptops to the arena’s largest GPU-accelerated supercomputers.E4S: the Gross-scale Scientific Tool StackCharliecloud: excessive efficiency computing-tailored, lightweight, fully unprivileged container implementation.

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