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    Can AI Be Old to Pleasing-Tune Linux Kernel Performance?

    An anonymous reader shared this report from ZDNet: At the Linux Plumbers Conference, the invite-only meeting for the top Linux kernel developers, ByteDance Linux Kernel Engineer Cong Wang, proposed that we use AI and machine learning to tune the Linux kernel for the maximum results for specific workloads... There are thousands of parameters. Even for a Linux expert, tuning them for optimal performance is a long, hard job. And, of…

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    Linux Foundation Broadcasts Intent to Compose ‘High Performance Tool Foundation’

    This week the Linux Foundation "announced the intention to form the High Performance Software Foundation. "Through a series of technical projects, the High Performance Software Foundation aims to build, promote, and advance a portable software stack for high performance computing by increasing adoption, lowering barriers to contribution, and supporting development efforts." As use of high performance computing becomes ubiquitous in scientific computing and digital engineering, and AI use cases multiply,…

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    Created a universal virus to crack Windows, Linux and MacOS

    (ORDO NEWS) — Experts from the cybersecurity company Intezer discovered an attack on the servers of one of the educational institutions. The attack revealed a new virus called SysJoker. It is a backdoor – a program that allows you to constantly connect to compromised devices – that can attack all operating systems. The experts came to such conclusions due to the fact that the virus attacked the Linux server of…