Life on planets with temperatures above 200 degrees

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists are not satisfied with what has already been achieved and are still trying to find life outside our planet. The search continues at the same time not only on exoplanets that resemble the Earth, but also on the geek planets. Such objects are completely covered with water, which, under the influence of very high pressure, begins to mix with a hydrogen atmosphere. As a result, the formation of “hydrogen ocean” is obtained.

Experts also said that on some of these planets, the temperature can be above 200 degrees. In the scientific journal The Astrophysical Journal, another study was published by specialists, which demonstrated that even in such incredibly extreme conditions, life can be present. Experts suggest that there may be microorganisms that are somewhat reminiscent of the extremophiles found in very hot springs on our planet.

An example in the study was K2-18b. The exoplanet revolves around a red dwarf and is located at a distance of 111 light years from us. The length of the year reaches only 33 days on this planet. Spectral analysis showed that there is a small amount of water in the atmosphere.

Previously, experts said that there could be no life on planets with a too dense atmosphere, but this version was successfully refuted. Certain conditions will allow living organisms to occupy some part of the oceans and be present even at very great depths.

The Hykeans are ocean planets about 2.6 times the size of Earth. Such space objects also include those planets that are all the time to their star with only one side. Experts believe that life may well be present on the dark side of such planets.


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