Dangerous Nipah virus outbreak in India first casualty

(ORDO NEWS) — A 12-year-old boy died as a result of infection with the Nipah virus in India. In addition, two more people have reported symptoms of this incredibly dangerous virus. It is worth noting that the disease was first detected in Kerala back in May 2018. It is reported by one of the local TV channels NDTV.

Vina George, who is the state’s health minister, said that the boy’s samples were sent to specialists and they confirmed the presence of such a dangerous virus as Nipah in them. A team was immediately dispatched to the state by the central government to begin providing technical support to the area.

The official added that just four days ago the boy was hospitalized. He was diagnosed with a very severe fever. Already on September 4, he became much worse. As a result, the child died early in the morning. The minister noted that the team will also be engaged in isolating those people who previously came into contact with the boy and could also become infected with a dangerous virus from him. To date, the child’s relatives do not have any symptoms that may indicate the presence of the disease.

In addition, all contacts have been traced and further checks are carried out by specialists. George thinks there is no cause for concern. The situation is being closely monitored.

The Nipah virus was discovered by experts in Malaysia in 1998. The pathology spread quickly enough through the saliva belonging to bats. The virus provokes the onset of an inflammatory process in the brain, as well as respiratory diseases. The mortality rate is quite high and reaches 70%. A vaccine for this dangerous virus has not yet been invented.


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