Large coronavirus hailstones rained down on Mexico

(ORDO NEWS) — Huge blocks of ice of unusual shape fell in Mexico. Moreover, their shape strangely resembled the prickly silhouette of a coronavirus. It is reported by the DailyStar.

Local residents took photos of ice hailstones and published them on the Web, at the same time vigorously commenting on this meteorological phenomenon.

According to impressionable Mexicans, gradients are similar to coronavirus, this may be a sign from above and therefore you need to stay at home.

According to meteorologist Jose Miguel Vinas, a strange form of hailstones is actually a common occurrence during storms. Inside it, the hail begins to form like a small ball, and then accumulate new layers of ice at a height. Having reached large sizes, the gradients begin to beat against each other, forming spikes.


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