Hubble sees star shine in outer space

(ORDO NEWS) — Unlike a spiral or elliptical galaxy, the KK 246 galaxy looks like glitter on a black velvet sheet. KK 246, also known as ESO 461-036, is a dwarf irregular galaxy located in the void – a vast area of ​​empty space. This lonely galaxy is the only one that probably lives in this huge empty space, along with 15 others that were previously identified.

Although the picture seems to be full of galaxies, they are actually outside this void and instead form part of other galactic groups or clusters. Cosmic voids, such as this, are vast expanses of the universe in which there are very few galaxies or none at all. Voids usually have sizes of the order of 10-100 Mpc.

This area of ​​empty space adjacent to the Local Group has a width of at least 150 million light years. In the long run, our own galaxy, the Milky Way, will have a width of 150,000 light years, which makes this void really huge.


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