Journey to the afterlife: a man spoke about his near-death experience

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(ORDO NEWS) — Surely many of us have thought about what happens after death. But what if there was a way to get even a glimpse of what awaits us after this life? The story of John Davis may provide answers to some of these questions.

John Davis became famous for his unusual near-death experiences. After experiencing a near-death experience within seven minutes of crashing his scooter, his life became an adventure that he shared with the world through his YouTube channel The Other Side.

The fateful incident occurred in 1987, but John’s memories of his near-death experience are firmly ingrained in his memory.

As soon as John was on the threshold of the afterlife, he was greeted by a spiritual mentor named Alan. Once inside the amazingly beautiful building, John was given the opportunity to view an overview of his current life. Cinema screens scrolled through different moments of his life, starting from childhood and ending with the moment of death. This experience gave John the understanding that each of us has spiritual guides who help us plan our lives.

John was then shown images of his previous lives. He saw himself as a monk practicing spiritually, as a shoe merchant with a wheelbarrow overflowing with shoes, and as a fisherman catching fish for the village. These memories of past lives made John think that there might be much more to him than just one life.

One of the most amazing moments of his near-death experience involved a visit to a giant library. There he met a woman with long, blue-black hair who was observing a battle between Native American tribes and the US Cavalry that took place on Earth 200 years ago. This moment led John to question how past events could be observed, and he came to the conclusion that everything that exists is somehow recorded in this Divine Library.

Concluding his story about the afterlife, John mentioned meeting another woman who had “strawberry-colored hair.” She approached him asking if she was ready to help him with something. To which John refused, and now he regrets that he missed the opportunity to learn more about the mysterious world of the afterlife.


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