James Webb telescope captures auroras on Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — The James Webb Space Telescope took photos of the northern and southern lights on Jupiter.

Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is a storm larger than Earth and stands out brightly from countless smaller storms.

One wide-angle shot turned out to be very impressive. It shows faint rings around the planet, as well as two tiny moons against a glittering backdrop of galaxies.

NASA said the filter captured haze swirling around the north and south poles, while a third filter, colored blue, shows light reflected from the deeper main cloud.

“We have never seen Jupiter like this. The whole thing is absolutely incredible,” said astronomer Imke de Pater of the University of California at Berkeley. “Honestly, we didn’t expect it to be this good.”

NASA said researchers have already begun to analyze Webb’s data to gain new data on the solar system’s largest planet.


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