James Webb Space Telescope will receive the first high-quality images of the Universe on July 12

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA has finally announced the date when the first images of space objects will be published, taken by a new generation space observatory called James Webb (“James Webb”) after completing the alignment of the mirror segments and the calibration of scientific instruments.

After spending more than half a year in space, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope will finally release the first full-fledged images of scientific targets on July 12, according to a statement released by the US space agency yesterday, Wednesday June 1.

Although at this time, officials from the Space Telescope team have not disclosed exactly which space objects will be represented in these first images, they nevertheless said that the choice of these objects was given to scientists from the space agencies participating in the project is very difficult.

To date, several images of space have already been taken with the help of the James Webb observatory, but these images had an official purpose and were used to assess the capabilities of the observatory. On July 12, images taken after the completion of the verification and calibration of all scientific instruments will be presented, NASA said.

These new images will be available in full color and are intended to showcase the breadth of the Webb Observatory’s scientific capabilities. This means that the images will be supplemented with spectroscopic data showing the elemental composition and other information derived from the spectra.

“The first science objects to be captured in these images will be from mission-critical areas, including the early universe, the evolution of galaxies over time, the life cycle of stars, and other planets,” NASA said. “All data generated during the commissioning of the James Webb Space Telescope and the preparation of instruments will also be publicly available.”


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