Is ‘Oumuamua an alien technology

(ORDO NEWS) — Many of you remember that ordinary October day in 2017, when scientists announced the discovery of the first ever interstellar object Oumuamua, which literally burst into the solar system.

It was the high-speed movement of Oumuamua from another plane that made it possible to identify it as an alien object that was not formed in the orbit of the Sun.

What are you, Oumuamua?

It’s hard to believe, but scientists still don’t know what ‘Oumuamua is. A huge number of contradictory hypotheses were put forward, which did not have a convincing foundation, supported by reverifiable facts.

‘Oumuamua is a mystery, a mysterious cigar-shaped object that has spent thousands, millions or even billions of years in interstellar space.

Maybe ‘Oumuamua is a fragment of a comet? Asteroid? A fragment of some ancient planet?

Hmm, is there any chance that ‘Oumuamua is a reconnaissance probe launched by a highly developed civilization to study planetary systems?

For example, Harvard University professor Avi Loeb is convinced that Oumuamua is a man-made object that, flying through the solar system at a speed of 315,000 kilometers per hour, was collecting data for subsequent transmission to its creators.

Avi Loeb knows how to inspire

We admit that the fierce conviction of Avi Loeb pushes for the study of non-standard hypotheses.

Here is a short video we released to celebrate the anniversary of the moment when scientists first suggested (very carefully and unobtrusively) that ‘Oumuamua is alien technology.


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