Iron and magnesium are the main elements of the planets

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(ORDO NEWS) — Using a computer simulation, an international team of researchers determined the reason why heavy chemical elements – iron and magnesium – predominate in the composition of the planets of the solar system. This was reported to Russian news agency in the press service of the Siberian Federal University (SFU).

According to existing scientific theories, the planets of the solar system emerged from a gas-dust cloud. Initially, the so-called “embryos” of the planets (protoplanets) were formed, then the largest of them attracted and absorbed the neighbors, after which they formed their final shape – such, in particular, was the “childhood” of the Earth.

The authors of the study, using computer simulation, determined the process due to which it loses light chemical elements at the stage of protoplanet formation. Due to this, heavy elements remain in its basis – such as iron and magnesium.

Scientists have studied this mechanism using the example of a young star and found that “runaway” hydrogen atoms are able to draw not only light, but also massive elements like neon, argon, as well as potassium, sodium, silicon and magnesium from the planet’s surface.


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