IPhone password theft tool created

(ORDO NEWS) — An iPhone password theft tool has been created. It can be used by law enforcement agencies.

The tool is owned by Grayshift, writes 9to5mac. Password theft is carried out using a hidden installation of malicious software on the phone before giving it to the suspect.

An earlier tool from Grayshift had some flaws. The average time it took him to get the password was about two hours. However, sometimes it can be three days or more for a six-character password. Longer combinations of letters, numbers and symbols are not amenable to the program. That is why there was a demand for an alternative hacking method.

The new solution from Redshift allows you not to crack the code, but to steal it at the time of user input.

It is worth noting that this software has been used by law enforcement agencies, Grayshift customers, for about a year now. It just became known about him only now.


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