InSight recorded three strong earthquakes on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Mars has been of interest to all of humanity for quite a long time, and especially to scientists. Due to the fact that they can study the structure of the Red Planet, they receive additional information regarding how the evolution of objects in the solar system took place. That is why a variety of landing vehicles are regularly sent to Mars, one of which is InSight.

This is reported by NASA.

This automatic device belongs to NASA. He was sent to study the Red Planet in the fall of 2018. A distinctive feature of the device is that it does not move like rovers and acts as a stationary research station. The equipment has everything you need to study the structure of the planet, including a seismograph, which helped to record three “Marsquakes” at once.

Two shocks with a force of more than 4 points were recorded on August 25 this year. Another “Marsquake” of the same magnitude occurred on September 18th. These events interested specialists for the reason that these were the strongest shocks that could only be recorded on the planet. The previously established amplitude record reached 3.7 points.

The device has demonstrated a fairly high indicator of reliability and has already exceeded the set plan. Initially, it was sent for just one Martian year, but now the mission has been extended until the end of 2022. At the same time, one major problem arose. The solar panels of the station are covered with a layer of Martian dust, which does not allow full generation of electrical energy. NASA specialists easily solved the problem and sprinkled the panels with a small amount of sand and soil from Mars, which helped to remove the dust.


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