India – The holy city of Joshimath in Uttarakhand is sinking

(ORDO NEWS) — Cracks have reportedly appeared in 561 homes in Joshimath as a result of continued subsidence in the city, the district’s disaster management department said. After cracks appeared in the houses, 66 families were reportedly relocated from Joshimath.

“Now the process of increasing cracks in Singdhar and Marwadi has begun. Badrinath NH near the Jain settlement of Singdhar and JP Company Gate in Marwadi, near the forest department checkpoint, is constantly cracking.

The cracks are increasing by the hour, which is a concern,” said the chairman of the municipality. Joshimatha Shailendra Pawar. According to city council chairman Joshimath, cracks appeared in nine houses in Marwadi, and at the same time, cracks began to appear on most of the public roads in the area.

The District Disaster Management Department also reported cases of seepage water from underground at JP Colony, Marwadi Ward in Joshimath.

“Cracks are also increasing on all major roads in Sunil Ward, making it difficult for people to walk,” said Shalendar Panwar. Following the ongoing land subsidence in Joshimath, District Magistrate Chamoli dispatched Associate Magistrate Deepak Saini to Joshimath.

Earlier in the day, following reports of ground subsidence in Joshimath and cracks appearing in many of the city’s houses, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami said the necessary steps would be taken to save the area’s residents.

Minister Dhami will visit Joshimath soon to assess the situation and take necessary action. The announcement comes amid reports of massive cracks appearing in the area’s homes due to land subsidence, which is known as vertical subsidence in the area.

“I will visit Joshimath in the coming days and take steps to resolve the situation. All reports will be monitored and all necessary measures will be taken.

I spoke with the chairman of the municipal corporation, Shailendra Pawar, to monitor the situation in the area,” said Prime Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami in conversation with ANI.

Joshimatha Municipality Chairman Shailendra Pawar said huge cracks had appeared in houses due to water leaking from underground in Marwadi district.

“I went to Dehradun to meet with Minister Dhami and discuss the whole situation. There were reports that cracks appeared in houses due to water leaking from underground in the Marwadi district,” said Shailendra Pawar.

Meanwhile, residents of the town of Joshimath in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand are fleeing their homes to safer places after cases of subsidence in the area.

The winter season and the danger of houses collapsing due to landslides have become a major problem in the city of Joshimath. Nine districts of the city of Joshimath were heavily affected by landslides.

Cracks in the walls and floors of houses in the city area are getting deeper every day, which causes alarm among people. Shailendra Pawar said that more than 3,000 people from 576 houses in the city area were affected by the landslide.

“All houses are being examined by the municipality. Many people have also left their homes,” he said. The subsidence completely took over the house of Madhavi Sati, the former municipal president of the Joshimath district, as well as 574 other houses in the city area, which also developed huge cracks.

“I have no choice but to live in a destroyed house,” she said. She said the chief of staff, Chamoli, had also visited the area, but so far no conclusions had been drawn.

“The people of Joshimath are worried about the future of the city,” she added. Soon a delegation from Joshimath will travel to Dehradun to meet with Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami to demand the rehabilitation of people affected by the subsidence.


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