In Yellowstone, a bear attacked a fisherman: a man died

(ORDO NEWS) — In a famous US national park, a man was crippled by a huge grizzly bear. A couple of days later, the victim died in a hospital bed. The victim’s family cannot believe what happened.

Reported by the New York Post.

Karl Mock lived in West Yellowstone and worked as a wilderness guide. The man was 40 years old. While fishing, he was attacked by a grizzly bear (weighing almost 190 kg). Karl was seriously injured, but they managed to take him to the hospital, and the doctors performed the necessary surgical intervention.

The man was fishing alone. He had a special bear spray with him. Whether Karl Mok managed to use it or not is unclear. During the attack, the bear inflicted severe injuries in the head area, in particular, injured his face.

Angry bear – carries a serious danger not only for tourists, but also for other representatives of the fauna. A male grizzly bear was shot by hunting inspectors.

In the hospital, the man underwent two operations. Everything seemed to be going well. Unfortunately, two days after the attack of the predator, Karl suffered a severe stroke. Then he died instantly. Friends and family remember Karl as a kind, hardworking and helpful friend.

Marshal Mahler, who was accompanying Mok on his hiking trips, said that the deceased was a real professional in his field. Knowledge and work experience more than once helped to bypass dangers and aggressive animals. However, on that day, everything turned into fatal fate.


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