Why do we feel other people’s views on us?

(ORDO NEWS) — Eye contact is sometimes more important than the conversation itself. Eyes never deceive, and from them you can understand how a person treats you. At the University of Geneva, scientists have figured out why we feel the views of others. They studied how gaze affects our temporal perception.

Reported by Neurosciene News.

During communication, people have a distorted inner sense of time. That is, it seems to you that a couple of minutes have passed, and you have already been talking for two hours. But when we look at someone without talking, we continue to feel the time normally. What about those who cannot maintain eye contact during a conversation? After all, there are people with mental disorders, eye injuries.

The research findings may be useful for people with autism and schizophrenia. We all try to recognize the “native look” from early childhood. Also, when conducting a dialogue with an interlocutor, it is customary to look into his eyes. In general, any communication between people involves eye contact.

If this is a common occurrence for us, why do we feel awkward when we accidentally collide with “glances”. Why do we feel the way other people are looking at us? Nicolas Bourra, the author of this study, explained why we feel awkward.

The study involved 22 people. They looked at over 3 hundred faces. Each opponent of eye contact chose for himself – to look in the eyes or not. The results of the study pleasantly surprised scientists. It turned out that when they eat eye contact, people lose their sense of time. And this happens, even if they look at you and you feel it.


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