In the US, they found a new use for the “smart” tag Apple AirTag

(ORDO NEWS) — A little less than a year ago, Apple introduced the AirTag smart tag. Despite a fairly solid period since the release, users continue to find new uses for the device.

So, for example, information appeared on the network that American users began to use the label to track courier packages. Our colleagues from AppleInsider told about how this happens, using the example of the story of the wife of a military man, Valerie McNulty.

The woman put the AirTag in a box with her belongings, which she sent by courier to a new place of residence during the move. And as soon as the delivery date was overdue, she looked at exactly where the tagged package was.

It turned out that the package did not reach their new home, stuck at a distance that can be overcome in just a few hours. And in the end, McNulty ensured that the courier brought her and her husband’s things earlier than originally planned.


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