In the coming days, a strong solar storm will hit the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA experts have reported that very soon the most powerful class M flare on the surface of the Sun can occur. The reason is a giant spot that appeared on the surface of the Sun on June 20.

In just a day, it almost doubled and its growth did not end there. Scientists have warned that this spot faces the Earth, so it may well provoke an outbreak of class M9.

NASA believes that in just a few days a strong eruption can occur on the surface of the Sun. The flash is classified as M9, which is considered a very high indicator. Only class X events can be more powerful.

It is worth noting that in total, experts distinguish five classes of solar flares – A, B, C, M, and X. All of them differ in the strength of electromagnetic radiation that produces a sunspot.

For example, a class A flare will be at least 50 times weaker than a class X flare. An M9 flash will be almost as strong as one that would have an X mark.

The spot that formed on the surface of the Sun was named AR3038. It grows in size very quickly. It is also worth considering the fact that the spot is directed towards our planet, so it will not be possible to avoid an incredibly powerful electromagnetic shock. NASA has been warned that the new spot could radiate gigantic blasts of energy that could trigger a solar flare.

The formation of sunspots occurs in those parts of the Sun where there is a very strong magnetic field. Particle streams can escape from it, which, when reaching the Earth, cause malfunctions in the GPS and radio communication systems. The risk of an outbreak of class M9 is very high, so experts are closely monitoring how events develop.

In the event that a solar storm reaches the Earth, it will lead to a short-term malfunction of navigation equipment.

There may also be communication problems. If additional coronal mass ejections occur, this may cause the satellites that are in orbit to cease to function. Directly on the planet, power grids can turn off, electronics will break down.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Sun is increasingly approaching its maximum, which affects the growth of its activity. In this regard, an increasing number of spots will occur, which will affect the increase in the number of serious outbreaks.


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