Treasure hunter finds Nazi gold submarine

(ORDO NEWS) — Mike Fletcher, a popular treasure hunter, is confident that he will be able to decipher the notes that were left by his deceased colleague.

Due to this, there will be real chances to find the exact place where the German submarine is located, which carried priceless treasures to the bottom of the ocean during the Second World War.

Many are sure that there was a huge amount of gold and jewelry on board that the Nazis wanted to take out at the very end of the war from Europe.

Germany used the submarine fleet in order to destroy not only military, but also merchant ships during the Second World War, which the enemy placed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Historians note that at the end of the war, many submarines were used to transport loot from Europe to South America.

About 40 years ago, Roger Miklos, a treasure hunter, made a claim that he had found one of nine known German submarines carrying valuables. It is worth noting that for a long time Miklos tried to find the ship of Christopher Columbus, which was called “Pinga”.

It sank off the coast of the Caicos and Turks Islands a short distance from the Bahamas. The seeker accidentally recorded an unknown object that was at the bottom of the ocean. He dived to look at his find. Given the statement made, he managed to find the Nazi submarine.

In 2018, Miklós gave his last interview. He said that he could see the damaged skin of the boat and gold shone through it.

Then he also found the inscription “Blom+Voss, Hamburg 1944” and a drawing of a German eagle with a swastika. Until today, it remains a mystery why the treasure hunter did not return back for valuables.

Miklos noted that not only jewelry could be on board the submarine, but also a variety of works of art that the Nazis stole in Europe.

The treasure hunter did not tell about the exact location of the submarine. At the same time, many clues and notes remained after him, which were carefully encrypted. Miklos was very afraid that someone would be able to find the submarine much earlier than him.

Documents regarding the Nazi treasure boat ended up in the hands of another treasure hunter, Mike Fletcher.

Now he is making every effort to decipher the clues left. He is confident that the submarine may contain treasures worth billions of dollars.


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