In Japan, a racehorse went through the entire race without a jockey and won

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(ORDO NEWS) — A curious incident occurred at the races in Japan.

During the Tokay Stakes 2023 race at the Chuke Racecourse in Nagoya, Japan, a racehorse won a technical victory, which went through the entire race without a jockey.

It is clear that a jockey cannot help a slow horse win a race, so his role in professional horse racing is undeniable. The jockeys control the pace of the animal and conserve its energy for the final push.

They are also responsible for how fast the horse exits the gate at the start and tactical movements during the race. However, one animal recently proved that the jockey is a useless load.

The No. 5 horse named Vanyar at the 2023 Tokay Stakes was disqualified from the competition, although he crossed the finish line first and technically won.

These are the rules when a racehorse loses his jockey during a race, but it doesn’t take anything away from the horse, on the contrary, it only makes his achievement much more impressive.

This year’s Tokay Stakes took place on January 22nd. Right outside the gate, jockey Vanyara loses his balance and falls.

These things happen all the time, and in the vast majority of cases, the horse simply veers off course and leaves the racetrack on its own. But not at this time…

While Vanyar is seen falling behind after his jockey’s fall, as the race progresses, the horse is seen ending up in a pack and fighting for the win.

The commentators are also paying attention to this, and they are very worried in the last stretch, when Vanyar somehow crosses the finish line first.

You can even see the desperate jockey of the runner-up hitting the horse to make it run faster, but Vanyar was already out of reach.

The clip with Vanyar’s victory went viral not only in Japan, but also in South Korea and other Asian countries.


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