In India, almost 70 people died from a mysterious disease

(ORDO NEWS) — Some areas of the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is located in western India, are plagued by severe viral fever. Over the past week, the disease has caused 68 deaths.

Moreover, 40 of the dead are children. It is worth noting that each of the patients is mandatory tested for the presence of coronavirus, but so far no one has been associated with him. It is reported by the Times of India.

Most of the patients have a very high temperature, severe dehydration. In addition, there is a sharp drop in the level of platelets in the blood. Some patients had absolutely all the symptoms characteristic of Dengue fever. During treatment, they all died.

The cases of fever are recorded in different parts of the state. In this case, lethal outcomes are carefully investigated. It should be noted that some patients also had concomitant diseases. Children who managed to survive after infection completely bounce back no earlier than two weeks later.

The health department warns that due to too high humidity, the air temperature in Agra is still high.

These are excellent conditions for the disease to spread at an incredible rate, so the situation could get much worse in the near future. In addition, the reason for the spread of the mysterious fever is unsanitary conditions, insufficient adherence to the rules of hygiene.


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