Huge iceberg nearly crashed into Antarctica

(ORDO NEWS) — An iceberg nearly crashed into Antarctica, the area of ​​which is 1270 square kilometers. He received the name A-74. Initially, this block of ice was part of the mainland, but it broke away at the end of winter and then floated into the ocean. 

For the past six months, the iceberg has been in close proximity to its original location thanks to ocean currents.

 In August, the easterly winds began to drive the A-74 southward and then unrolled the block, completely changing its direction. Reported by Sciencealert.

The iceberg slightly caught the edge of the Brunt Glacier, which was judged by experts as a minor collision. If its size were even larger, it would cause another large iceberg to split off. 

Mark Drinkwater noted that today part of the ice shelf can break away at any time, so it is being closely monitored.

A-74 is considered one of the largest icebergs that float in the ocean. Only the A-76, which was also formed this year, is larger than it. Its area reaches 4,320 square kilometers. 

In the event that a collision with Antarctica occurred, another object could appear, approximately 1700 square kilometers in size.


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