Huge black hole collided with an unknown object

(ORDO NEWS) — American astrologers have discovered something unique – a collision of a black hole with an object 2.6 times the weight of the Sun. Experts assessed the risks and made predictions about the possible development of events.

By analyzing gravitational waves or “ripples” of space-time, experts can draw conclusions about collisions occurring in outer space, which take place at a distance of millions of light years.

Astrophysicists from the United States recently noticed that a black hole, which weighs 23 times the mass of the Sun, collided with another body. The second object is still difficult for scientists to identify.

At the moment, it has been established that the body is compact – only 2-2.5 times more massive than the Sun. Until now, it was considered non-existent, said Imre Bartos of the University of Florida.

The available information does not allow attributing the object to black holes and neutron stars, since in the first case the mass should be 5 times greater, and in the second it is too large (the largest star is 2.4 times larger than our star).

Experts believe that the collision will create a small black hole or a large neutron star.


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