Huge asteroids are approaching the Earth: is there a threat

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(ORDO NEWS) — Next week, two huge asteroids will fly past the Earth. However, scientists assure that these heavenly bodies do not pose a threat to the inhabitants of the planet.

The Asteroid Watch dashboard tracks asteroids and comets that approach Earth relatively close.

It displays the date of closest approach, the object’s approximate diameter, relative size, and distance from Earth for each likely collision.

NASA scientists report that the instrument panel displays two space bodies that will fly past Earth early next week.

In particular, the first space body will approach the minimum distance to Earth on Tuesday, March 7, and the second asteroid will approach our planet on March 8.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory says that the massive object 535844 (2015 BY 310) will fly close to Earth on Tuesday, March 7.

The size of this asteroid is 143 meters. The distance from this asteroid to Earth at the time of approach will be about 4.04 million kilometers. The speed of the object will be 27,720 km per hour.

Scientists assure that despite the fairly large size of the asteroid, it will fly at a safe distance from our planet.

NASA classifies objects larger than 150 meters, which can approach the Earth at a distance closer than 7.4 million km, as “potentially dangerous objects”. This celestial body meets only one criterion.

The space body that will fly past the Earth on March 8 also belongs to the “potentially dangerous” category.

Its size is more than 150 meters. The asteroid is called 2023 QW , and it will pass at a distance of 2.3 million kilometers.


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