How to understand that your smartphone is infected with a miner

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(ORDO NEWS) — Shamil Magomedov, Russian Head of the Department of Intelligent Information Security Systems of the Institute of Cybersecurity and Digital Technologies of the RTU MIREA, explained the danger of infecting a computer with a miner – a virus for mining cryptocurrency at the expense of a user device.

According to Magomedov, miners are distributed covertly, on various forums, and you can even get a similar virus on sites with movies and unlicensed software.

The danger of miners is that they use the power of the computer of an unsuspecting user at 100%. The device works for wear without interruption, as a result, components may suffer, especially this situation is dangerous for the video card.

It is possible to understand that the computer is infected by the miner by fully loading the system for no reason, “braking” the computer, its constant heating, which is why the cooler works “like an airplane”, with a characteristic noise. In addition, miners can install Trojans on the device to spy on and obtain the data they need about the user and the system.

You can also find out about the appearance of a miner on your computer in the Task Manager, as well as with the help of an up-to-date antivirus.


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