How to keep youthful: named berry that slows down aging

(ORDO NEWS) — Fruits and vegetables contain so many nutrients that they are sometimes capable of a real miracle. Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that blueberries help slow down the aging process and prolong life.

The berry contains many flavonoids that prevent DNA damage and slow down changes in brain cells. Blueberries prevent the formation of oxidative and inflammatory reactions in the brain, increasing life expectancy.

The study found that fruit flies live 14% longer if they are fed daily blueberry extracts. Also worth mentioning is the great activity of insects. Experts believe this is due to the lack of oxidative stress.

Due to berries in the body, sugar is better absorbed, which is known to be a source of short-term energy. Blueberries have helped older adults do better on cognitive tests.

This is due to the presence of the most powerful antioxidant anthocyanins, which are rich in berries. Due to them, inflammation decreases, the connection between neurons is strengthened.


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