Horoscope for February 2021: the astrologer warned of a dangerous period

(ORDO NEWS) — In the second half of February, an event is expected that will affect everyone in the long term. This influence can be both positive and negative.

Advice on how to painlessly live the period was given by the astrologer Arina Arturovna. According to the specialist, the difficult period will begin on 17 February. Then the aspect-bomb of the old and the new is expected – the square of Saturn-Uranus. The influence will continue throughout the year.

The worst thing is that the effect of all sorts of events will be cumulative with subsequent explosive consequences. The beginning of the situation is expected in February, the culmination in June, and the denouement in December. The controversy will be especially acute between old and new traditions.

In business, you will need to make clear decisions about whether to follow new practices or rely on proven but less effective methods. If change is not accepted, events can develop unpredictably and dangerously.

In your personal life, you will have to struggle with the desire for personal freedom and denial of obligations. You will have to overcome yourself, otherwise serious disagreements in the family are possible.


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