How to improve your memory – 5 simple steps

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(ORDO NEWS) — It turns out that you don’t need to memorize long poems to train your memory. There are simple and effective methods that are available to every person.

So, you can train your brain with the help of 5 simple actions. By the way, they can be performed by adults and children. The main secret of success lies in the regularity of repetitions of exercises.

What to do to improve memory

A number of methods, scientifically proven by scientists from different countries, help improve memory and sharpen mental abilities. The most effective of them are presented here.

  • 1- Speak up 

Before starting any action, try to say it out loud. For example, if you go to the bedroom to answer the phone, say it out loud to yourself.

This method will help align thoughts with the body and improve short-term memory. At first glance, it may seem that this is “nonsense” that does not work, but believe me – the method is proven.

  • 2- Take a sniff

Scientists from Great Britain claim that the smell of objects that we associate with childhood helps unlock the memory centers of the brain more effectively than photographs.

To do this, just take the desired object, close your eyes and breathe in the air, remembering the past moments.

Süskind’s “Perfumer” immediately comes to mind here, where the main antagonist, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, perceived the world through smells.

  • 3- Find the light

Experiments conducted at the University of Michigan confirmed the stimulation of the hippocampus of the brain when exposed to light. The sun or artificial lighting will improve mental abilities.

  • 4- Hold the ball

It is important to remember that actions will affect memory. It is necessary to hold the ball in the right hand to activate the left hemisphere of the brain, which is responsible for short-term memory.

To recall information, squeeze the left hand to activate the right hemisphere of the brain.

  • 5- Change your posture

If forgetful moments arise, just straighten up and take a few steps. It helps the brain to be more attentive, sharpen thinking and improve memory.


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