How many people work at NASA: the comic industry

Fearing budget cuts, NASA released the first-ever economic report to remind the US government of the number of jobs it is creating in the country.

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA is of great importance to the US economy. Now we know for sure. According to the report, in 2019, the agency employed more than 300,000 people and had a turnover of $ 64 billion.

Obviously, the 2670-page report was written in order to show how valuable the agency is to the country, that colossal investments in the economy are being made through it. Hence, NASA cannot be considered a hole into which the government is throwing money.

NASA itself employs more than 18 thousand people, and for every full-time agency employee there are 17 freelance workers. In total, 312,000 specialists have been employed, on whose salaries almost 24 billion dollars are spent a year. At the same time, $ 6.9 billion is returned to the treasury in taxes.

For interest, let’s calculate: the average salary in NASA is, therefore, almost 77 thousand dollars per year (more than 6 million rubles) or 6400 dollars per month (more than 500 thousand rubles). At Roscosmos, according to a 2018 report published on the agency’s website, the average employee salary is 396 thousand rubles.

But back to the NASA report. Half of the agency’s expenses and, accordingly, half of the budget revenues are associated with the “Moon-Mars” program, which is carried out mainly by contractors, thanks to which hundreds of thousands of people in all states are employed.

The report lists thousands of industries that are supported by agency orders, directly or indirectly. Sometimes the connection of companies with NASA seems subtle, but thanks to the orders of the agency and its contractors, even enterprises engaged in, for example, the production of small arms are supported. These are indirect effects, but they are of great importance for the economy.


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