How long will a person live if he is swallowed by a large animal

(ORDO NEWS) — In 2014, the Discovery Channel showed a documentary in which the hero was almost swallowed whole by an anaconda.

Many viewers had a question: what will happen to a person if this does happen? BBC Science Focus experts decided to answer it.

Animals can swallow prey that even exceeds them in size. They do this in different ways – for example, anacondas first strangle their prey, and if we are talking about a crocodile, then he gnaws the victim into pieces.

Experts believe that only a sperm whale can completely swallow a person. At the same time, a marine mammal would not kill a person in the process of swallowing, so there is a theoretical possibility of being alive in one of the chambers of the sperm whale’s stomach.

But do not think that once in the stomach of a sperm whale, you can live there for any long time. There is absolutely no air to breathe, so you will die within three minutes.

Plus, there is a high probability that before a painful death from lack of air, you will be crushed by the walls of the stomach of a huge marine mammal.

A very simple conclusion follows from this: if possible, try so that the sperm whale does not swallow you.


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