How divers lifted 100-year-old bottles of alcohol from the bottom of the sea

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(ORDO NEWS) — In 2019, divers from a company “rescuing alcohol from sunken ships” brought over 900 bottles to the surface after lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea for 100 years.

To do this, Ocean X employees had to dive to a depth of over 76 meters, and people were accompanied by remote-controlled cars. And all because of the state of the ship, which posed a great threat even to experienced divers.

Some bottles were produced by the Benedictine brand, a kind of “alcohol brother” to Dr. Pepper, which featured a “bouquet of 27 herbs and spices”.

In 1917, the Germans fired on the steamer Kyros, sinking a cargo of 300 bottles of Benedictine and 600 bottles of the rare De Haartman brandy.

The waters of the Baltic and the North Sea are cold, and therefore alcohol in sealed containers is stored in them like in a refrigerator and is preserved very well.

By the way, the main interest for Ocean X is still Panama, where the largest routes of ships loaded with alcohol (yes, in particular, the famous rum) once passed.

What will happen to these bottles? Most likely, they will be sold at auction.

The work of divers is expensive, and the equipment cost the company a considerable amount, but the business is quite profitable.

So, recently, just one bottle of 300-year-old wine was sold for $39,000.


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