Historic landing: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx capsule carrying a sample of asteroid Bennu lands

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(ORDO NEWS) — The OSIRIS-REx sample capsule successfully landed in Utah, bringing back rocks and dust collected from the asteroid Bennu. This is the first time the United States has returned samples from an asteroid to Earth. The capsule landed at the Department of Defense test site in Utah at 10:52 EDT after a controlled descent.

The OSIRIS-REx journey began in September 2016, with the main goal of the mission being a rendezvous with the near-Earth asteroid Bennu. Bennu is believed to hold valuable clues about the origins of life and the processes that led to the formation of our solar system. Its carbon-rich composition makes it an interesting subject for scientific research.

The spacecraft began an extensive survey of Bennu, carefully studying its topography to ensure successful sample collection. The mission culminated in October 2020 when OSIRIS-REx performed a daring maneuver known as Touch-And-Go (TAG). Extending its robotic arm, the device made brief contact with the surface of the asteroid, collecting samples of regolith – a mixture of rocks and dust.

However, the mission was not without difficulties. Bennu’s rugged, boulder-strewn terrain presented a major obstacle to TAG’s work. Despite these challenges, OSIRIS-REx overcame them and successfully retrieved its sample, which has now been returned safely to Earth.

The return of asteroid samples opens up new opportunities for scientific research. Scientists will now be able to conduct hands-on research on material that has remained untouched for billions of years. This invaluable material can reveal the secrets of our cosmic origins and shed light on the components of life.

Beyond its scientific significance, the OSIRIS-REx mission also has broader implications for planetary defense strategy. By studying the dynamics of asteroids like Bennu, scientists can gain valuable insights into potential threats and develop strategies to mitigate the effects of future asteroid impacts with Earth.

Dr. Michael Wargo, NASA’s chief lunar scientist, quoted the scientists involved in the mission: “The OSIRIS-REx mission is a testament to human curiosity and innate desire for exploration. By going beyond our planet and returning samples from an asteroid, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible and deepening our understanding of the universe.”

The successful return of the OSIRIS-REx capsule marks a major milestone in space exploration. It serves as a reminder of humanity’s insatiable thirst for knowledge and our relentless quest to understand the cosmos. With each mission, we move closer to unraveling the mysteries of our origins and charting a course for future exploration.


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