Helmet of ancient Greek warrior, 2600 years old, found in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — In the port of Israel, which is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, archaeologists were in for a pleasant surprise: they found a bronze helmet of a Greek warrior who lived three thousand years ago.

According to experts, the helmet was made in the 6th century BC. This is the period when the Greek city-states were at war with the Persian Empire. Despite not being in the best conditions for 2,600 years, the find is very well preserved.

The helmet is made in the Corinthian style, which was named after the city of Corinth. Above, you can see an intricate pattern in the form of a peacock’s tail with horse hair. According to experts, this is the only such find.

The artifact was found by a Dutch dredger. The owner of the ship, Hugo van de Graaf, gave the helmet to the Israel Antiquities Authority for detailed examination.

The helmet is made of a solid sheet of bronze, which, after heating, was shaped with a hammer. According to assumptions, the uniform belonged to a Greek soldier who served in one of the Greek fleets.

The Greco-Persian wars lasted half a century – from 499 to 459 BC. The Battle of Marathon and Thermopylae were of great importance.


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