Fairy hunter encountered tiny green men in the forest

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(ORDO NEWS) — Fairies and pixies are frequent heroes of fairy tales. In our case, the stories turned out to be true: a fairy hunter filmed them in a British forest three years ago.

Several years ago, Erwin Saunders actively posted videos on YouTube of him hunting tiny magical creatures. They live in their own world, which is inaccessible to the human eye. Only sometimes they reveal themselves.

The people shown in the videos of the resident of Great Britain do not exceed 10 centimeters in height. They do not wear clothes, have pointed ears and a wide mouth.

The creatures are moving extremely realistically. Either the man possesses the skills of high-quality editing, or they are actually real. There were many more critics, which is not surprising.

Erwin Saunders himself notes that he has to be in the forest for several hours in order for fabulous creatures to appear before his eyes. Often he lures them out with a sandwich or sweets. One day they shot a man with an arrow containing an intoxicating substance.

Interestingly, for three years, users have not been able to bring the resident of Great Britain to clean water. It is unknown who is responsible for such impressive computer graphics.


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